Monday, May 31, 2010

[8th Piece]

"Don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason they didn't make it to your future"

and I have decided that you my dear, shall be my past.
Thanks for all the good memories.
They are a treasure that I will always safe-guard in my heart.
and know this, I will always love you.

p.s. Rawr! I can do this!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Dear Diary#7]

Hey Diary,
I'm heading home tonight at 9.
I seriously need a vacation and home is where I think I can be at peace.
I will not go online much often because I don't have the connection there.
And I'm thinking to shut my mobile phone off during my presence there.
I will try not to entertain any superfluous text messages or missed calls, so be vigilant if I don't text or reply any of the messages.

p.s. Malas nak kemas!

Monday, May 24, 2010

[7th Piece]

I've made a pact that I won't succumb to this feeling anymore some times back but today, I fall hard on my knees.

It didn't feel right, today.
The heart acted insanely, as if something was going to break at any times.
Shoulders were so heavy, as if some burden was placed upon them
Body would not want to move around, as if it was hiding something.
The chest was grumpy, as if there were squirrels jumping gleefully in it.

However, I persevered! 
and pushed through the unfathomable feeling.
But the heart wants what the heart wants.

It was tonight that I had come to a closure to this absurd feeling.
I was rummaging through the desk and randomly picked my planner for last year.
As I leaf pages by pages, smirking and grinning to what had happened last year, I was struck by what was written on what happened today, one year ago.

I realized I had fall in love with you.
This is what I penned in the planner

"OMG, you're everywhere Sunshine!"
I think I love you

It was today that I realized you're not a silly crush.
It was today that I realized I fall for you head over heel.
It was today that I realized my life would be different.
It was today that I started hoping and waiting.
But those what happened last year.

It's been a year.
And my love towards you have never dwindled a bit, I fear it's getting stronger.

It's been a year.
And I have loved and still loving you.

It's been a year.
And I am still painting flowers for you.

It's been a year.
And I still look like a joke.

It's been a year.
And I still can't consume the idea of you having someone's else.

It's been a year.
And I wish this day won't happen.

It's a been a year.
A freaking fucking year!

p.s. This sucks more than vampires suck blood! :'(

[Call Me Weirdo#2]

I seriously need to change this unhealthy habit.
Practicum is just around the corner Arshad!
photo's snatched here

p.s. Geez, practicum.

Friday, May 21, 2010

[Dear Diary#6]

Dear Diary,
The last thing I want to do right now is involve in some kind of a relationship's brawl. Regardless if I'm the 3rd, 4th, 5th or whichever person. Like seriously.
Here is some advice, when a couple is in fraca over their relationship, you DON'T want to be the third person, the leaning shoulder, the dear-diary moment, especially if you're in love with one of them. Why? Because it will all come back to you sooner or later and when it does, you're the one who will suffer the ordeal most. Trust me. No I mean TRUST ME!

*Ok Motif sangat bangun2 terus cakap pasal relationship*

Well, it's actually because I woke up today with a text message from someone saying he's in trouble and he's trying to solve this relationship's problem because he's kinda involved in it.
Oh never mind, I don't want to bore you guys with that.

Oh BTW InsyaALLAH I'll be gone for a one day vacation tomorrow. It's Genting bebeh! Will be going there with my three GFs. No no, not girlfriends. Oh no no , not gayfriends, geez. They're good friends. Didn't see that coming didn't you? Ha Ha 
p.s. Good day, Good day! :)

[I'm sick]

and I need to see the Dr.
no, not the dr Dr.

I need this Dr!

This is absolutely must buy, beg or steal!


 Female...but Male can rock this look too

One day my dear, one day.

p.s. you're going to see the wacky me after my practicum.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

[The Strange Piece]

I think due to the excessive staring at the bright piercing laptop screen, 
my eyes feel a tad juling.


p.s. No offense tho.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[Call Me Weirdo#1]

The man in the photo is wearing a legging beneath his short pant. Exactly what I've been thinking to do months ago when I first saw a fashion show, which I have forgotten what was it, introducing men wearing legging but in a more skinny jeans type. 
I did search for legging somewhere around Pyramid to be donned with my short pant which I have folded both end to make it look more edgy. 

Alas, I have not the guts to rock the image because I think Malaysia isn't ready with abrupt changes in its fashion industry. I am not a fashionista because I consider myself opting for a more weird sense of styling. That's my cup of tea.

p.s. Been rummaging through the wardrobe for my teaching practicum's outfit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[5th Piece]

Oh wow,
How freaking interesting!

p.s. Speechless

[4th Piece]

Would it be nice if I can dress like these guys for my teaching practicum?
p.s. Dalam mimpi la acad oi!!! Ha Ha

Monday, May 17, 2010

[Dear Diary#5]

Dear Diary,
Kau faham bahasa melayu kan?
Sebab aku mahu berbahasa melayu.

Aku selfish.
Aku self-absorbed.
Aku stupid
Aku suka menyusahkan orang
Aku suka mengutuk orang
Aku suka menipu
Aku fake
Aku childish
Aku emosi
Aku suka marah
Aku sarcastic
Aku tak reti berkawan
Aku anak tak guna
Aku bimbo
Aku tiada future
Aku tak pandai
Aku tak senonoh
Aku suka gelakkan orang
Aku tak pandai buat kerja
Aku suka hancurkan hati dan perasan orang
Aku suka menghabiskan duit parents 
Aku kurang ajar
Aku suka mengungkit

Ini semua sifat buruk aku. Sebab biasalah selalu orang akan nampak sifat buruk kita.Mereka susah nak nampak sifat baik kita.
Tapi aku sudah biasa. Sebab ini aku.
Jadi janganlah kau dekat dengan aku ya, aku mungkin akan stab kau dari belakang ke apa ke.
Aku ni bukan baik,aku suka mengungkit dowh.
Pergi main jauh2 la Diary, jangan datang dekat dengan aku.

Tapi aku nak share satu perkara, perkataan "Hari itu" bermaksud hari yang telah lepas, perkara yang telah berlaku. Perkataan 'itu' sendiri membawa satu conotation bahawa sesuatu telah berlaku. Dan bila perkara yang telah berlaku tapi di bawa ke dalam sesuatu perbincangan, bukankah namanya itu mengungkit?

Entahlah, itu hanya picisan. Mungkin tidak benar sama sekali, maklumlah aku ni bukan cerdik, jauh lagi pandai.

p.s. Ya umi, aku akan balik sekarang. Aku tak kan menyusahkan umi lagi.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

[Dear Diary#4]

Dear Diary,
This will be my song I'm going to sing to the one I love with the hope that the person will love me back.

Entered with a broken wing
when you showed up at my door
now I'm fallen more in love
than I ever was before

and if you must know the truth
I knew that it was you
so when you will
and when you won't
I do

I know that an endless love
isn't something you can teach
with you there is not a star
in the sky that I can't reach


so when you will
and when you won't
you can trust that I will
when we won't
and when we will oh
I do

Nick Jonas' song for his brother Kevin and Danielle.

So Diary, I hope I can sing this to the one who is meant to be with me because I believe the person exists.

 Click for the song

p.s. I shall wait


I have a Tumblr account.
At first it was meant to be secret because I need a place to rant, ramble, pen my confidential matters and something, you know a place where you can be yourself.
But it has dawned on me that I'm not that famous nor renowned so why bother having a secret account?
I can be my myself at any time, place and when I want to.
So yes, my Tumblr is just another medium to express myself.
I'll be updating both these blogger and tumblr accounts.
You can stop by at my humble 'tumblr' abode when you feel like I'm writing crappy things here.

owh CLICK to be directed.

p.s.I feel like Tony Stark. Ha Ha


Honor Society
Don't close the book
But I know that in the end,
I need some time to take the pen,
and write a chapter of my own

p.s. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Jay and Tee]

This is Joseph

This is Timothy

And now Joseph has a new contender. They kinda look a tad similar in the photos, maybe because of the hairdo and the cheek bone or perhaps those piercing eyes.
Well Joseph, I gotta enlighten you, I have a new obsession and his name starts with the letter 'T'.
You gotta strive hard dear to be on top because someone may knock you down to take the place you've been dwelling comfortably. 
Do something Joseph, you've been a bit dormant and I definitely don't favor the current nerdy specky scruffy look of yours. My obsessive interest for you is alarming and dwindling.

Besides, what makes it interesting and surreal is Timothy's full name is Timothy Joseph Urban, how's that for you Joseph Adam Jonas, do you feel threatened? 

p.s. This is absurdly random and I feel so gay.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[When You're Gone]

and I shall miss you like I always do all this while.
pretending I'm not.

p.s. Tell me you're gonna miss me too.


Monday, May 10, 2010

[Sick of Love]

Please refer the previous post.
Sila rujuk entry sebelum ini.

Owh saya dah tak rindu awak dah.
I miss you no more.
(This emoticon depicts me trying to lick my own nose and I find it cute)

p.s. Yes my feelings and emotions are random. 


To be frank, I miss when you plant your kiss on my cheek.
I often find it romantic to kiss the person you love on the cheeks or on the forehead.
It somehow illustrates your sincerity, your genuine affection towards the person.
It's sensual and affectionate.

Every time you hugged me and kissed me on my cheek, I felt so akwardly secure.

Hey you, I miss your kisses.
I miss when you threw wacky tantrums on me.
I miss when you hold my hands when you're driving.
I miss your distinguish scent.
Have I informed you that you are my first kiss?
Yes you are.

p.s. Tonight's theme song is Kiss me by Sixpence None the Richer.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


The video for Glee FlashMob KL organized by Random Alpahabet. 

I was part of this majestical event. Been memorizing the steps for a week because actually I didn't managed to attend all four rehearsals due to unforeseen circumstances but I managed to pull it off I must say. We put a hell of a show and brought The Gardens down y'all!

I am always in favor of dancing my to own my rhythm. Turn on any music and I assure you'll be served with my eccentric moves. I'm not a dancer but I know some little tricks here and there and I prefer to dance interpretively. 

The adrenaline haven't been fully utilized because whenever I lay my eyes on those videos people are posting, I feel like doing it over and over again. 

Oh Yeah, there's just a glimpse of me in the vid but I'll try searching and posting a better vid which has a clearer image of me, I mean which has a whole look of the event.
Till then, enjoy!

p.s. Tomorrow's pre-prac and I haven' have a proper trouser.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dear Diary,
This salutation goes to the most adored and loved person in my life, my mother, my Ummi

Dear Ummi,
I know I don't really go and say I love you that often like everyone else, but know this, I love you to bits and pieces.

Dear Ummi,
I know I'm not the toughest son you have among all your three sons, but I think I have made you proud all this while AND this perpetual action will not halt here or there because I WILL always make you proud.

Dear Ummi,
I know I always throw an orgy of tantrums with every single actions I do, but well you know I kinda inherit that from you, or is it from Dad?LOL

Dear Ummi,
I know I called you this evening and I forgot to wish you Happy Mother's Day but I know Mi, you forgot about it too because if you didn't, I would have been served with your witty sarcasms.

Dear Ummi,
Please know that your sarcasms are the best advice I could ever asked for. Your indirect sneers are what make me go through everything I've endured, the ones that assist me in my life.

Dear Ummi,
I know our family can be tad bizarre but that's what make our family and I love our family for that.

Dear Ummi,
Thank a gazillion times for catering me, tending me, pampering me, having the faith and hope in me because you're just a mother I could ever asked for. 

Dear Fatimah Bte Deraman,
Mohd Afiq Arshad bin Yaakub loves you with all his heart and every single organ of him, stay cool and healthy always.

p.s. Happy Mother's day :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

[4th Piece]

I miss my Smarties very much.

p.s. It's one of those when I feel like ripping out my heart off from my chest.
p.s.s. Smarties was an ex.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[What's your Flava?]

Coklat Stroberi 

An Indonesian story that depicts how a confused guy, who thinks he's gay but his life changes when he meets a bubbly vivacious woman. His love towards the woman grows furtively but at the same time, he is already in a relationship with another guy, his best friend.  They have been in the relationship since their high school years. Pretty much dope and confusing but I love the story line. It revolves around soul searching and finding your own self. It's a romantic comedy with light unforced humour. You can't help but chuckle, or grin or burst out laughing your arse off. A minor flaw would be the director's portrayal of homos, it's kinda stereotype and overly generalized. Apart from that, everything else is nicely illustrated. Kinda brings a tiny weeny itsy bitsy tears in my eyes, or was it dust? Yes, I'm pretty certain it was dust that made my eyes teary. 

The significance of the title is witty too, I think. 

So go grab a bucket of pop corn and secure a nice comfy seat and enjoy the movie.
p.s. I adore both flavours, so how?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

[Eye Candy]

This is Syed Adney. 
He is the goalkeeper for Kelantan's football club.
and I am a Kelantanese too, just so you know.
Can you see the connection?
Oh never mind. 

Photo's taken from his FB.
Click Here and go 'like' him people, I know you want to!

p.s. I'm thrilled to have been born a pure kelantanese. Haha :)

[3rd Piece]

My name is Mohd Afiq Arshad.
You can call me Arshad.
I'm an insomniac 
and it's driving me nuts.

p.s. Sleeping beauty.

Monday, May 3, 2010

[The Ugly Truth]

Borderline:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Information --


Some disorders depicted are freakishly true.
Now I feel bad for myself.
It's like being hit by a spasm of realization.
I have 7 Highs among 10
Even though the test isn't a complete truthful one but still, some of the explanations are so authentically genuine I can't help but ponder.

p.s. The other side of Mohd Afiq Arshad Yaakub, the ugly side.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Saya rindu budak kecil bersuara besar

p.s. Wish me luck for tomorrow's first and final paper.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

[Loving The Bugs]

Mind the title please

Jonas Brothers' Love Bug

First of all, I need to enlighten you guys that I'm going to have my final paper this coming Monday, which is Second Language Acquisition. However, the thing that I've been busy occupying myself is (drum rolls) learning to play the guitar. How absurdly superfluous is that?

My fingers are aching and it feels like the flesh at the tip of my fingers are flickering. But no pain no games right. Thus, this futile effort of mine here, I bet is going to last for like a week. I' m trying my best to learn and triumph playing this song.

Wish me luck people.

p.s. Absolutely Tak de kerja.

[TH : Tokio Hotel]

I want to be in their concert tonight so bad!
I'm in dire need of a concert therapy
Been missing a lot of them conserts lately.
This is my escapism, a total getaway from all this turbulence(Insert SLA here)
Seriously, I've been so dormant from attending any concerts this semester. Blame the assignments and the shaky economic condition, mine of course, not the stability of Malaysia's economic condition. Tho that may indirectly the minor cause.
The last great escape would be playing truant for Kris Allen's Meet and Greet last couples of months.
I skipped my 9 hours worth of classes but it was definitely worth the loss.
The other day, someone offered me a free ticket to watch Kelly Clarkson in Malaysia but I didn't know what on earth was I thinking, I passed.
Okay, I'm done with ranting superfluously.
Got to get back my head back in SLA, which is also spelled B.o.R.i.N.G

p.s. Sesape baek hati nk bawak pegi makan angin? I swear I'll be a little cute well-behaved angel.