Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dear Diary,
This salutation goes to the most adored and loved person in my life, my mother, my Ummi

Dear Ummi,
I know I don't really go and say I love you that often like everyone else, but know this, I love you to bits and pieces.

Dear Ummi,
I know I'm not the toughest son you have among all your three sons, but I think I have made you proud all this while AND this perpetual action will not halt here or there because I WILL always make you proud.

Dear Ummi,
I know I always throw an orgy of tantrums with every single actions I do, but well you know I kinda inherit that from you, or is it from Dad?LOL

Dear Ummi,
I know I called you this evening and I forgot to wish you Happy Mother's Day but I know Mi, you forgot about it too because if you didn't, I would have been served with your witty sarcasms.

Dear Ummi,
Please know that your sarcasms are the best advice I could ever asked for. Your indirect sneers are what make me go through everything I've endured, the ones that assist me in my life.

Dear Ummi,
I know our family can be tad bizarre but that's what make our family and I love our family for that.

Dear Ummi,
Thank a gazillion times for catering me, tending me, pampering me, having the faith and hope in me because you're just a mother I could ever asked for. 

Dear Fatimah Bte Deraman,
Mohd Afiq Arshad bin Yaakub loves you with all his heart and every single organ of him, stay cool and healthy always.

p.s. Happy Mother's day :)


  1. happy mothers day to your ummi from me :)
    thnx sebab lahirkan acad.
    tanpa dia, hidup saya kurang warna. nyeheheh

  2. tatie,
    aku warna apa?
    oh aku taw..warna itam kan?