Saturday, May 1, 2010

[TH : Tokio Hotel]

I want to be in their concert tonight so bad!
I'm in dire need of a concert therapy
Been missing a lot of them conserts lately.
This is my escapism, a total getaway from all this turbulence(Insert SLA here)
Seriously, I've been so dormant from attending any concerts this semester. Blame the assignments and the shaky economic condition, mine of course, not the stability of Malaysia's economic condition. Tho that may indirectly the minor cause.
The last great escape would be playing truant for Kris Allen's Meet and Greet last couples of months.
I skipped my 9 hours worth of classes but it was definitely worth the loss.
The other day, someone offered me a free ticket to watch Kelly Clarkson in Malaysia but I didn't know what on earth was I thinking, I passed.
Okay, I'm done with ranting superfluously.
Got to get back my head back in SLA, which is also spelled B.o.R.i.N.G

p.s. Sesape baek hati nk bawak pegi makan angin? I swear I'll be a little cute well-behaved angel.