Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Jay and Tee]

This is Joseph

This is Timothy

And now Joseph has a new contender. They kinda look a tad similar in the photos, maybe because of the hairdo and the cheek bone or perhaps those piercing eyes.
Well Joseph, I gotta enlighten you, I have a new obsession and his name starts with the letter 'T'.
You gotta strive hard dear to be on top because someone may knock you down to take the place you've been dwelling comfortably. 
Do something Joseph, you've been a bit dormant and I definitely don't favor the current nerdy specky scruffy look of yours. My obsessive interest for you is alarming and dwindling.

Besides, what makes it interesting and surreal is Timothy's full name is Timothy Joseph Urban, how's that for you Joseph Adam Jonas, do you feel threatened? 

p.s. This is absurdly random and I feel so gay.

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