Saturday, May 1, 2010

[Loving The Bugs]

Mind the title please

Jonas Brothers' Love Bug

First of all, I need to enlighten you guys that I'm going to have my final paper this coming Monday, which is Second Language Acquisition. However, the thing that I've been busy occupying myself is (drum rolls) learning to play the guitar. How absurdly superfluous is that?

My fingers are aching and it feels like the flesh at the tip of my fingers are flickering. But no pain no games right. Thus, this futile effort of mine here, I bet is going to last for like a week. I' m trying my best to learn and triumph playing this song.

Wish me luck people.

p.s. Absolutely Tak de kerja.


  1. nnt mainkan lagu ni utk shin ek.. Another You - Cromok..

    teringat masa dok asrama dulu.. ada kawan nama dia IMAM... slalu mainkan.. sambil shin main2 rambut dia.. dia petik gitar


  2. Shin,
    mcm susah jek lagu nie. lagu jonas nie ponk da sakit da tangan.
    nnti i try belaja.
    kalaw pndai nnti i maenkan utk shin eh.
    btw, cam best la nama kawan shin tu.
    nnti kem salam kt die.