Sunday, May 9, 2010


The video for Glee FlashMob KL organized by Random Alpahabet. 

I was part of this majestical event. Been memorizing the steps for a week because actually I didn't managed to attend all four rehearsals due to unforeseen circumstances but I managed to pull it off I must say. We put a hell of a show and brought The Gardens down y'all!

I am always in favor of dancing my to own my rhythm. Turn on any music and I assure you'll be served with my eccentric moves. I'm not a dancer but I know some little tricks here and there and I prefer to dance interpretively. 

The adrenaline haven't been fully utilized because whenever I lay my eyes on those videos people are posting, I feel like doing it over and over again. 

Oh Yeah, there's just a glimpse of me in the vid but I'll try searching and posting a better vid which has a clearer image of me, I mean which has a whole look of the event.
Till then, enjoy!

p.s. Tomorrow's pre-prac and I haven' have a proper trouser.

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