Sunday, June 27, 2010

[Dear Diary#8]

...and the story's gettin' old,
so I guess the driveway,
would be the end of the road,
for us it's too late
let the credit starts to roll.

The Driveway, Miley Cyrus.

p.s. .......

Saturday, June 26, 2010

[1st Week of Teaching]


#1. Woke up super early, 515 am and started the journey at 615.
#2.Met the principal and the admin. Awesome team. Very engaging and supportive.
#3.Strolled aimlessly around the school yard because there was no one to guide us.
#4.Introduced ourselves to the teachers whenever asked. Their expressions were priceless. 
         Some were excited and some were pretty cynically excited, I could tell.
#5.Met the Head of Teachers and being shown the Bilik Guru. Introduced to the supreme teachers. Stoked!
#6. Been constantly mocked and snickered by some of the teachers, especially females ones.
           "Eh we have to speak in English coz we have TESL teachers here", Grinned
           " Weh jangan duduk meja makan situ la, that's for the 'Lecturers Only', kita teachers jek" while pointing at the usual table we used to dine.
           Annoying, yes it was but what I did was gave them a big smile, big FAKE smile.
#7.Constantly being addressed as 'Abang' by most of the male students.
#8.Asked some of the teachers if they needed help because we weren't given any relief class.
#9.Enlightened by the PK HEM that they didn't give the last classes for trainess teacher to relief.
#10.Escorted all Form 3 students for a dental check. Ended up straining my vocal chord. But got the chance to familiarize myself with the students. They still called me 'Abg' and pretty dumbfounded when I told them I'm a teacher.
        "Oh cikgu English, patutla ada slang", some sudents blurted. Haha funny!
#11. Finally given two relief classes, Form 4 and 3. Went well with Form 4 students. They asked me to replace their current English teacher. Didn't know whether they were sincere or just being nice. Form 3 was a havoc. The girls screamed their lung out when I entered. Some of the boys seemed to be giving me cold shoulders. Ended up chatting with the girls and being sarcastic to some of the boys. However, I loved the students' quirky questions and expressions.
        "Teacher, jom la buat quiz!" a female student.
        "Teacher Teacher dari Shah Alam kan? Saya dari Setia Alam, kita dua2 ada Alam kat belakang", and the student blushed. I was like 'Okayyyyy'.
        "Teacher da kawen belom!"
         "What do you think?" Me
        "Da kawen neh", in unison.
        "No lah, I'm single but I'm not available, especially to you guys" Me
        " Ala teacher, baru nk masuk line', this was uttered by a male student and he too blushed when his friends teased him. Hahaha one awkward moment.
        "Teacher, how old are you?"
        "Take a guess" Me
        "31 tahun, baju batik teacher buat teacher nampak tua"
#12. First school meeting and been appointed as AJK Kecerian Sekolah for Hari Koperasi and Karnival HEM.
#13. Realized that there were many Kelantanese Teachers at the school. It kinda felt like home. 
#14. Got a grip of the time table. Will be teaching Eng for Form 4, Muet for Upper 6 and Sivik for form 4.
#15. Had to go to school on Saturday to participate in LADAP (Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan).Overly dressed and being the centre of some of the teacher's attention. Everyone left at 12 but had to stay back to decorate the school.


It's just the first week of practicum. I kinda like the school but I'm freaking nervous about the students.

p.s. 12 more weeks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

[Call Me Weirdo#3]

Google has launched its own for their fans overwhelmed desiring love and lust.How insanely cool is that? 
Without further thinking, I googled my way to them! I mean to the site. Pretty interesting. So I typed the name of my favourite boy, Joseph, and puff, abundance of his photos-which I haven't have in my collection-blurted out. Stoked!

Now here to the boys that make me think I'm always 15 years younger whenever I plug in and play those pop-rockish songs of theirs. 

Especially to that single boy whose eyebrows are so thick they just make you a heart-breaker.

This is for boys and girls who love Joseph's quirkiness.

Plethora of Joseph's photos below, if you're a hater and are thinking to spread your stinks animosity in my blog, please get your arse off this page by clicking the X symbol at the right end of this page. 

The fashion's guru~

p.s.  There's million more but I'm afraid it's gonna crash the system. lol

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[12th Piece]

Dawn of the new beginning, hopefully.

p.s. Let it Rain

So many things are trying to keep me
And so many voices trying to reach me
To tell me that this is not the way
To tell me that this is my mistake

Oh, let the rain keep falling down
Cause it won't stop me from getting where I'm bound

Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe it's too late
But I'm gonna make it
Don't care what the skies say
So oh, let it rain, let it rain

I know that this is not the way
That you imagined it would be
Oh, but nothing you say is gonna stop me
No matter the weather that you bring

Oh, let the rain keep falling down
Cause it won't stop me from getting where I'm bound
Kris Allen

Sunday, June 20, 2010

[11th Piece]

I gazed outside the balcony,
Searching for shooting stars,
But ended up looking upon the sky,
It was deep blue,
So meaningful,
and riveting.

Thus came the feeling,
Knocking on the door of the steel heart,
The feeling of longing,
Which I feel hard to resist,

Succumbed to the temptation,
Of the heart being melancholy,
and Images,
Together with memories,
Bombarded with no mercy,
No remorse,

And it rained,
Just like tiny tears
Formed in the eyes,
So glittery,

And listening to Hayley,
Singing Airplanes,
I could really use a wish right now

The heart swayed,
Broke free from the burden of sins,
Of being in denial
and pretending.

p.s. I miss you.

[Call Me Weirdo#2]

Oh believe me when I say I miss you Mr.
So what's up?
p.s.Silent is easy but telling the truth ain't easy as it seems.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

[Dear Diary#7]

Malam ni saya sedikit sentimental sebab kawan baek saya dah bertunang.
Time sure flies fast.
Rasa macam baru semalam kenal dengan minah nie kat melaka time pre-ijazah TESL dulu.
Dulu kitorang gile. Seriously gile betol.
To be honest la kan, she knows me very well.
Inside and out.
There are things that I don't easily disclose to anyone but I will surely share with her without a single doubt.
Dah 4 tahun la kami berkawan.
Berlucah sana-sini.
Tonnes of memories, especially in Malacca.
Dan tetibe rindu Melaka la plak.
Dan tetibe teringat memori first time being heartbroken.
When I was madly in love with you know who but you know who crashed my heart.
The image of me picking up the public phone dekat blok N and wept like a crazy person over the phone is still freshly imprinted kat dalam otak neh.
Gile loser dulu.
Cry over the phone, I mean public phone.
And who could remember, after exactly 4 years.
I did the same thing when another person broke my heart.
And it was here, in Shah Alam.
To be precise, at TESL square kot.
Time orang tgh ramai.
Boleh plak menangis.
Ingatkan da x loser tp sama jek, lagi loser!
Major loser!
Ok, enough with all the silly memories.
I don't want to begin with your love encounters.
So dear Nur'Ain Mohd Sharom,
Semoga berbahagia sama si botak.

Time masing-masing tgh mencari cinta.

p.s. Hey I'm back!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

[10th Piece]

"You wanna know what the truth is? I still love you and I probably will love you for a very long time. But I can’t just be your buddy, because as much as I enjoy the concept of being “just friends” in reality it’s a bizarre form of torture and I’m just not willing to participate in it. So right now what I wanna do is just move on and get over you and the only way for me to do that is to not be around you anymore"

Stole from HERE

My current drug.
To keep me awake from dreaming.

p.s.Let it rain.