Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Dear Diary#15]

Oh Suck it up will you!
Don't ever try to talk to me about being heartbroken, you don't even fucking know the meaning of the word.

p.s. some people are just freaking and fucking oblivious! I know cause I sometimes pretend to be one.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[Their 1st impression#4]

-you like my mother when talk and talking.
-young man teach me in first time and until now you was old. Hahahaha!
-you likes a model and 'bergaya'
-when you talk, i was imagine...i want to talk like you..hi3

Thank you Sir sbb sudi mengajar kami...

p.s. Unabridged

[Their 1st impression#3]

First impression i look at so snobbish for the first time..but after look so so can make me mostly to study..i like your personality.Actually, it's give me to change my personality..even you give me many homework..HEHEHE..wherever, you can change myself to be a smart and clever person..TQ

p.s. Unabridged.
p.s.s. I saw this boy transformed from a very reserved, quite and shy soul during the first class to an outspoken person by the time I finished my practicum.

[Their 1st impression#2]

1) 1st impression towards you
-> u look like poyo
->when u teach, u spoken so quickly until I can't understand.
->But u are the best teacher
->1st time I looked at you, you are 'berlagak' and I feel like to kill u.
->u like to mock
->But everything I say was wrong.
        * u are chicky person
        * Happening
        * Sporting
        * Cuties
->our realtionship not like student and teacher but we like a brother
->i happy to know u.

p.s. Unabriged

[Their 1st impression#1]

1st time I saw you, I think you were serious, arrogant, cruel, bad and many things that I don't know how to interprate it. But after I know you, actually you are good, kind hearted, caring, understanding, loving and you are like my brother. 
Forgive me Sir if I was done many mistakes.I will remember u and miss your are the best ticher!

p.s. unabriged. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Dear Diary#14]

Somebody's sulking,
or just pretending to sulk.
You know I'm not that good of a persuasive person, I just don't have the knack.
What's more when it comes to you.
Please don't sulk.
I've been meaning to meet you since our last memorable and nostalgic reconciliation the other day.
I know I promised to go to Penang to break fast together but I just couldn't find the slot to chip in.
So please don't give me that silent, cold shoulder period, even if you're just pulling my leg.
I can't stand it and I know you love doing that to me.
p.s. Jangan gedik nak merajuk boleh x?

I have nothing to write.


P.s. Blah!