Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[What's your Flava?]

Coklat Stroberi 

An Indonesian story that depicts how a confused guy, who thinks he's gay but his life changes when he meets a bubbly vivacious woman. His love towards the woman grows furtively but at the same time, he is already in a relationship with another guy, his best friend.  They have been in the relationship since their high school years. Pretty much dope and confusing but I love the story line. It revolves around soul searching and finding your own self. It's a romantic comedy with light unforced humour. You can't help but chuckle, or grin or burst out laughing your arse off. A minor flaw would be the director's portrayal of homos, it's kinda stereotype and overly generalized. Apart from that, everything else is nicely illustrated. Kinda brings a tiny weeny itsy bitsy tears in my eyes, or was it dust? Yes, I'm pretty certain it was dust that made my eyes teary. 

The significance of the title is witty too, I think. 

So go grab a bucket of pop corn and secure a nice comfy seat and enjoy the movie.
p.s. I adore both flavours, so how?

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