Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Lazy Monday]

Woke up super early today. Tadelah super sangat. It's just around 830. I was awaken by the girls boys getting ready to go working. Which I was supposed to join but due to some really cliche unfathomable silly reason, I was denied the offer.

My bed was in a total mess and I have no inkling why it was. My bed sheet was way out of order and I guess I slept without the bed sheet properly tucked to the bed. I lingered around 4 hours in the lala land and I'm not sleepy as of writing, the clock shows 12.22 am, which usually is my normal out of bed time. It's a miracle! I'm stoked for no solid reason!

Vanity, at a snail's pace, crept in and hence the pictures below..

Digging the 2nd and 4th pictures!
Vanity meter = Overload

I don't know why but I'm extra jolly and insanely optimistic today. I'm pretty sure I didn't pop any pills last night. But oh what the heck! 

p.s. Life's a mess and I'm loving it!
p.p.s.To those who haven't notice, it's the new hair! Fierce! Rawr!

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