Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey there,This is me.Rebel Yell, remember?
Alas, I'm no rebellious anymore.
I have migrated to this new host, Blogger.
Need a fresh drastic change and new ambience.

So lets start with the title of the blog. Well you see, my previous blog contains rather everything that has happened in my life starting from the year I started penning my thoughts down in it, which was  2007. So it has been 3 years I've been pouring out my feelings, my emotions, my dissatisfaction and so on in the blog. So basically, my entire 3 years are all engraved in the blog, Rebel Yell. So I decided to begin my voyage in this new host. Besides, I'm in the midst of letting go of someone. Letting go needs serious determination, it is no folly. So if I still linger in the bittersweet memories in most of the entries in the blog, don't you think the effort is futile?

Thus, here's the new place. The new medium for me to pen a new chapter of my life, hopefully. When you are determined, you need to show some drastic changes in order to boost your confidence that ''you can actually do this". So here I am, Piece of Me. Drastic and a tad dramatic as well, don't you think?

What's with the title? well if some of you may ask. It just randomly blurted from this medula oblongata of mine that since Rebel Yell pretty much encloses everything, I have no more stories to share. Thus, this is just a piece of broken me, trying to trot and find my way back to the world.

Oh and yes, Adam Arshad is just my pen name, it's not an alter ego or something. Please do excuse me eh?

p.s. A frest start. I can do this!


  1. bahahahha. blogspot pulak. welkam!

  2. Let me be the second one to comment on your new blog!

    Hi, Acad! :)