Thursday, April 29, 2010

[The Date]

This was last night. I mean this morning. It was around 830 am. I had a date with them. They were streaming live from California. I was super stoked and hyperventilating when I noticed Joe's twitter that the boys would be doing a surprise Live Chat. He mentioned the time but it was in Pacific Daylight Time, which I had no idea when it would be. I quickly rummaged through the net seeking for a time converter. Thank God I managed to find one. Thanks to Mr Google as well.

Alas, the PDT,EDT,GMT whatever shit is so frigging confusing. I felt like a doctor trying to fix a car. Utter bimbo-ness. Tried to convert the time but I failed because I don't have the slightest clue what timezone does Malaysia fall in. I did not give up tho, so I searched for another converter that has Malaysia's timezone and I succeeded in doing so. Thanks to Mr Google again. 

So basically the live chat would start at 730 am, after being converted into Malaysia's time. Another bad karma inflicted, my hand phone could not be switched on. It ran out of battery. Damn! 

Long story cut short, I stayed up until Subuh. After performing my Subuh prayer, I dozed off. I was awaken by my friends getting ready to go working. I waited for them to emerge from the blank screen to certain extent that I felt like kicking my lappy's screen. Hey I was drowsy and for the fact that I waited around 5-6 hours for this.

At about 8 am, they emerged and I could see clearly Joseph and Nicholas. Didn't pay much attention to Kevin tho. Sorry Kevin.

I smiled until I slept.

p.s. If you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of The Jonas Brothers, especially Joseph :))


  1. Go Nick!
    I'm bracing you all the way from M'sia! lol
    (Joe, you still look 'woman' even with your glasses. Opss! I offended you not, or did I, acad?)

  2. aziz,
    Grrr he's mine!
    Both of them are mine.
    Well you know something, my interest towards Joseph kinda dwindles.
    Don't really dig the messy look.