Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Adik Aminul Rasyid Hamzah
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His death was devastating and added another flaws towards the authorities. Most Malaysians are now in doubt with the capability of our police force in keeping the country safe and sound. Their integrity has been challenged a lot lately and please whoever's in charge, settle this problem pronto.

I know that we can't put the fault totally at the authority because yes, the kid is at fault too because he is driving without any license and the fact that we need to have a license before we can handle the wheel. So writing from the legit fact, it is his bad for doing so. Even though some would say that many kids do that. No matter how many kids practice that, it's wrong according to the law. Those four officers that-I don't know, maybe they were paranoid?-are the one that is to blame and should be judged accordingly because these people are the ones that make people's trust towards our authority dwindles.

However, I just could'nt fathom another unintelligible fact that they had to pull the trigger and that had ended his life. What harm can a 15 years old kid do EVEN if what the media is reporting that he is suspected as criminal is true. SUSPECTED, mind the word please. Don't we have the law that justifies the need for the authority to utilize the weapon only when provoked and only when other citizens' life is in jeorpady? Don't they have learnt and mastered martial-art skills? Why did they have to pull the trigger? It's just a 15 years old kid for goodness sake! I mean can't you handle a Form 3 kid without using the weapon?

It's a shame, really because this incident has tarnished the integrity of our police force. But I salute those who are putting their neck in jeorpady to try and keep our country safe. However, I demand justice for Arwah. At least let his soul rest in peace.

Now where is Gerak Khas when we need 'em?

p.s. I'm trying not to be biased here.

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