Monday, April 26, 2010

[Beautiful Nightmare]

People say dreams can be interpreted.
Well try to interpret this if you can.

I had a very absurdly bizarre dream last night. It was not a nightmare but more to a bad dream. I was in a scuffle with some, which I couldn't recall whom. During the scuffle, I had realized that I lost 7/seven of my teeth. My mouth is in a completely full of blood. I remembered counting every single tooth I had broken due to the fracas. I also vomited blood. Heaving excessive thick red blood from my toothless mouth.

However, I did not die in my dream but I woke up feeling so insecure. 
You know, the feeling when you think your heart is trying to disclose something. Your stomach is churning and you feel so uneasy. You feel like you've done something bad. 
That's basically what I'm indulging at the moment. The plethora of uneasiness is embracing me and I feel so down. 

p.s. It's the total opposite feeling from yesterday.

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