Thursday, June 24, 2010

[Call Me Weirdo#3]

Google has launched its own for their fans overwhelmed desiring love and lust.How insanely cool is that? 
Without further thinking, I googled my way to them! I mean to the site. Pretty interesting. So I typed the name of my favourite boy, Joseph, and puff, abundance of his photos-which I haven't have in my collection-blurted out. Stoked!

Now here to the boys that make me think I'm always 15 years younger whenever I plug in and play those pop-rockish songs of theirs. 

Especially to that single boy whose eyebrows are so thick they just make you a heart-breaker.

This is for boys and girls who love Joseph's quirkiness.

Plethora of Joseph's photos below, if you're a hater and are thinking to spread your stinks animosity in my blog, please get your arse off this page by clicking the X symbol at the right end of this page. 

The fashion's guru~

p.s.  There's million more but I'm afraid it's gonna crash the system. lol


  1. Do they have

  2. Aziz,
    but you can type Nick and see what is the outcome.

  3. *sigh*
    or maybe they have "Robert Pattinson" Intec version?

    hahahaha :P

  4. Euwwwwww!
    Booo rob patz!
    Man I still can't believe everyone said both of them look alike.
    I want intec version of Jacob!
    Wolf Wolf!