Thursday, November 3, 2011

Painted Dream I14I

I missed your performance night. It was my fault but I couldn’t help it, the All American Reject was in town for their live concert. I just couldn’t miss that. I was indecisive tho initially whether I should ditch the concert and provide you with the most tender support. Remember I said I was still muddled about my real feelings towards you, I reasoned by comforting myself that those feelings were just a phase and they would wash out eventually but AAR was certainly real.

You were devastated. At least that was what I got from the cold responses you were throwing at me. I wished you good luck and was honest by truthfully stating that I would be at a concert. For a fact that I wasn’t there to witness your performance, some part of me dreadfully regretted the decision.

Because that night I discovered something rather hurtful, the feeling I harboured for you wasn’t mutually reciprocated.

You met my friend. Rather good looking and a heart breaker. We both were in a different league. His strong jaw line made him stood out in a crowd. He had a more angular face compared to my usual round face. My soft yet shrieking scream-queen voice was nothing compared to his mannish Nashville-like voice that would melt you in an instant. Body-wise, let just say that he was way more comfortable in his rather than I, in mine. However, we were pretty close to each other. He liked to talk to me about almost anything and everything.

The concert was a blast. It felt like walking down one poignant memory lane. I used to share my fondness in AAR with a special someone. Someone whom I used to be crushing hard at that time, before our paths crossed and my attention was drawn completely towards you. I should neglect the story about AAR and this former special someone because this was supposed to be our story. As a matter of fact, this someone wasn’t exactly that special because you were on top of my will-do-anything-for-you list. Simply because you weren’t special, you were just more and beyond special.

Speaking of this friend I talked about who you met at your performance night was rather hard because he showed me the bitter truth of my infatuation to you. I was having an online conversation with him when he enquired questions about this one intriguing figure he noticed during the drama night. I kinda knew he was referring to you yet I tried to ensure we were referring the same person. My gut feeling was right; he was asking questions about you.

Hey, I noticed this particular person at the drama night the other day.

Before he could further describe you, I provided him with a plateful of information about you but I had trouble introducing you to him. Who are you? I mean I constantly fantasized about the possibilities of what we two could have but it was just one-sided possibilities. I had no idea what was on the other side of the coin if I flipped it.

A conversation with my friend who seemed to show interest in you revealed everything.

You were flirting with him.

p.s. I didn’t know what and how to feel.

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