Friday, November 18, 2011

Painted Dream I Present Time

Listened to Katy Perry's The One That Got Away last night.

Imagine a wound or cuts that, all this while you thought you have managed to remedy, suddenly opens. Slowly at a snail's pace. That agonizing yet subtle pain you experience when you had paper-cuts, or a cut by a knife at your finger. 
Imagine those cuts; paper-cuts and knife-cuts, happen simultaneously and repetitively, stabbing your heart. 
Imagine this song is your love song and 500 Days of Summer's your love story.
Imagine waiting for someone for almost two year and you actually had him/her, but only for a short period of time.
Imagine the one you love the most and tenderly ask you to forget all the memories you used to share together.
Imagine your future that you have planned together perishes, like an apparition of smoke, in front of your eyes.
Imagine missing someone to a certain extent you could barely breathe when thinking of him/her.


Imagine all the possibilities of contentment that you can taste together.
Imagine you, trying to reach and grasp the possibilities but to no avail as it goes further into the unreachable realm.
Imagine you and your lover, which has become your ex, turn into a complete stranger.


Today, I cried in my toilet at my office. 

p.s. I really miss you Sayang. Whatever happens to our future plan? Whatever happens to I need you beside me? Whatever happens to I love you too.

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