Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painted Dream l6l

I'm the type of guy who falls in love rather easily at times. Even the most trivial acts would leave me smitten, gasping for air to breathe. 

A glimpse of those whom I fancy, I'd turn reddish in an instant. I too like to be noticed. So let say if I like this particular person I met at a random restaurant, I would try my best to get noticed. I fight to the last drop of my blood. Usually it doesn't take much time as I'm  a tad quirky. This applies to my fashion sense and my behaviour hence given me a strong reinforcement to triumph at the battle field of the oblivious. Often, I succeed in making my presence noticed via the art of the eyes. If you get what I mean. 

It was proven when I made a fool out of myself for you to notice me. 

Nevertheless, as eccentric and quirky I am, nothing beats the extra ordinary phase I go through every time I fall in love with someone. I usually and unconsciously would imagine making love with that person. Often, the result is stupendously mind-blowing. It usually goes like this. The person I fall in love with would be segregated into 2 types.

First is the one that I care so much I just couldn't imagine making love with because I fear of hurting the person. This crass idea sprang out of nowhere. My previous ex-es usually fall into this category. 

The second one is a person I can actually see myself making love or having sex with. This however depicts that it is mostly just lust and desire and crushes are the ones that fit into this category. For instances Milla Jovovich and Taylor Lautner. Yeap I've indeed imagined making love with both figures. 

Now, you may wonder what category or type does Sayang fall into? 
Sayang, miraculously falls in between and yes Sayang is and was the only person that has/had ever resided the place. 

p.s. I just really hope that Sayang too will be that only person. 

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