Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painted Dream I4I

Hey guys, thanks for coming to the workshop. We appreciate it and hope you had fun. 
Oh good for you. 
Errmm what do you mean?
Hello, you're texting the wrong number. Ok bye. 
Eh I do? this is **** right? Arshad lah nie. 
Oh eh sorry hehe hye Arshad :)

If you remember, I said I texted on behalf of my friends to thank all of you for coming and I had to text all of the group members. 

Well frankly, I bluffed. 
I just needed a reason to text you and I fictitiously created the reason. 

It was in the month of Raya and I had a couple of open houses to attend. You, on the other hand, were staying in a hostel which was just a stone throw away from my residential area. My hand phone was snugged in my hand all the time that day as we were texting each other and were getting to poke our noses at each other's business. We were mainly at the stage of getting to know ourselves. 

So tengah buat apa nie? 
Bosan, tade orang kat umah

I thought we were trying to be cute and all. How hilarious. My friends were started to having qualms at my quirky and out of ordinary attitudes that day. I was smitten and it read all over my face. I smirked looking at my handphone, hopped in gusto at times and my face was beaming. The feeling was just inexplicable and no words could actually portray it. I, on that day, utterly fell for you. 

p.s. You have no idea Sayang, you have not a slightest idea