Sunday, June 5, 2011

Painted Dream l5l

I was, at the moment, in my trials of letting go of someone when I met you and fall hard, head over heels. 

I know up-front that this feeling was just trivial, I craved for someone to channel my overwhelming affection and you emerged out of the crystal blue sky at the right time. I thought it was the right time. People would call this a rebound

You were flirting, we were flirting with each other. Sweet talk and trying to be adorably cute and all. The weird thing was that the feeling I harbored for you was nothing usual. It was outlandishly absurd. It's like falling in love for the first time. I giggled and blushed reading your texts. I waited anxiously for you to reply my messages. It was surreal, the feeling. We wished each other good morning and good night, we virtually blew our kisses and I was certain that we were an item. I was hooked, like a fish ceaselessly and effortless lured by the bait. 

Good night darling, I want you to be with me when I open my eyes tomorrow morning.
Ok sayang, I promise. 

I was beyond content. You could see it in my eyes, they glittered just like diamonds under the shiny sun. 

p.s. Do you remember sayang?

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