Monday, March 21, 2011


I switched off the gloomy and insipid light of the room,
you are there, always there on the bed,
making yourself comfortable,
getting ready,

I tip-toed,
carefully managing my strut,
trying not to disturb the others,
your family,
it's dark and I can't see your face,
but i can feel your presence,
your smell, 
your heart pounding,
but my heart is pouncing wildly,

You held out one of your arms,
trying to guide me,
I reach for your hand, 
we touch,
I'm electrocuted,
The bed is making a sound,
a weird sound,
the screws are all loose,

We giggle to the sound of the bed,
I can feel you now,
topless, like you always do,
you sit,
I sit, on your lap,
the mattress sunk in,
your bottom sunk in, 

I can feel the coldness of your body,
It's chilly,
tonight is,
I wrap my legs around your waist,
I can feel your breath now,
My heart pounces wilder,
and rather beastly,

I wrap my arms around your neck,
I play with your hair,
you fidget,
you take off my shirt,
and now we're both topless,
drown in the thickness of the night,

I navigate my hand from the tip of your hair,
to all over your body,
to your face,
your nose,
your eyes,
your lips,
luscious and juicy,
I kiss you on the nose,
you smile,
I know you're smiling even if I can't see,

You're getting hard,
The way you breathe it's not the same,
you take deep breath,
and exhale it slowly,
I get to your ears,
I lick it slowly,
you squirm,
I know baby,
it's your g-spot,
apart form your nipples,

I bite your lower lip,
you bite mine,
your tongue reach mine,
we lip-lock,
I have always enjoyed kissing,
but you don't,
It's not your forte,
I push you down to the bed,
you laugh,
and make that grrr sound,

I can feel that yours is stiffen,
ready to see the world,
you keep on playing with it,
you're moving it,
I'm still on top of you,
how would I not notice?
I lay my tongue on your nipples,
I know you like that feeling,
you're squirming even louder,
you push my head down,
what an impatient lad you are my dear,

I slowly take your boxer off,
that thing, I can feel it now,
get ready baby,
It's going to be a tough ride,

You abruptly wake up from your dream,
and check whether you wet yourself,
yeah you did,
a handful,
what a waste,

p.s. From the point of view of someone else, you decide. 

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