Thursday, August 25, 2011

Painted Dream I10I

2 years ago when you entered the car and sat beside me, my knees shuddered and trembled, my tongue turned numb, my heart went berserk-pounding wildly on the chest just like a mad man trying to exit from a confinement in an asylum- , my body was anaesthetically electrocuted and the feelings were just utter surreal.

I still have that experience today every time you’re near.

Your presence can simply be equalized like a cosmic magnetic force, pulling me closer and draining my energy from my body. I was enchanted, willing to sacrifice myself for a chance of savouring the flavour of your love.

Is this what you called true love? I had never plunged my head in it regardless of being constantly upset, saddened and rejected by a person I admired before I met you Sayang.

Crushes come and go, but you’ll definitely know when it’s love
I guess the sentence is aptly and undoubtedly constructed.

p.s. I was besotted and still am, at this very moment.

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