Friday, August 26, 2011

#Daily Dose: The Glee Project

I don't considered myself as a Gleek because I am not an ardent fan of that stellar TV series. I am not sure whether stellar is the right adjective but never mind, you get what I meant. 

So yeah I've been plunging my head watching the new sorta singing competition The Glee Project. The winner of the show will be given a once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to appear on Glee Season 3, as guest stars or special appearances I reckon. 

Initially I thought the show is going to be another crappy show with wannabees and lame losers trying to sing their heart out for that fame chance but I was terribly wrong. Those contenders can really sing and they don't have to try too hard, they sing so effortlessly as if you are watching them speaking. 

I am now in love with Cameron Mitchell, I guess you could tell because usually I blog or rather lament about my personal life so writing about something out of it is like waiting for the moon to turn blue but here I am smitten whilst writing this. This skinny nerdy awkward blonde whose voice is so soothing to my ears. I could listen to him serenading me for eternal. Here is his 43 seconds rendition of Keep Holding On, the final song the contenders need to oblige once they are eliminated but mind you the only reason Cameron sang the song is because he voluntarily quit the competition. 

I think this is undoubtedly by far the best and most emotional rendition by the eliminated contestants. Like an arrow, the raspy and husky voice of his, shot straight to your heart and at times it feels like his voice will break at any times. I am no voice coach  but one thing I know and it's for certain is that Cameron's voice is to die for! 

Amongst all, I could see him going places making good music. His records don't need to go platinum or multi-platinum, it would suffice to think that he'll be turning into another silent legend, an unsung hero in the industry. 

Do check out the reason he quit the show, I think it's a virtue. Oh yeah he does have his own you tube channel so you may want to take a peek at that too because there's some promising originals and stupendous covers by him.

p.s. Remember I said I have a thing with red heads, well go take a look at Marissa, another force to be reckoned with even though she too isn't the winner of the competition. 

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