Friday, August 27, 2010

[Call Me Weirdo#7]

Yes, another weird peculiar thing about me is I like to do most of the things I frequently do in dark, alone. Things here refers to ironing the shirt, sahur, making myself a cup of hot Milo, doing the dishes and etc...oh even typing this entry. I haven't the slightest inkling where do I get this odd gene. Obviously not from the parents and the siblings. They like lights, like major lights! Now that's a tongue twister. Perhaps I'm a mysterious type of guy who enjoys being in the dark. The serenity, the tranquility, the mystery in which you just can listen to the blade of hanging fan hovering in mid air, the howling of the wind, the sound of these fingers dancing awkwardly on the keyboard and so on. The ambiance is mysterious and I pretty much am liking that. If I can even read in the dark, I will. It's just that it would be the most impossible thing to do.

p.s. I have two friends cum housemates who sleep in the living room, so it's not that creepy after all 

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