Friday, August 27, 2010

[13th piece]

Time sure flies fast. We have approximately 2 more weeks before we wrap up our practicum. I'm in a midst of having a mix feeling. As much as I want it to finish, I just can't bear losing my little imps, the students, if you don't get what I meant. 

I have vowed before not to get attached with them, either physically or emotionally, but I failed. I have enjoyed having them around. They're like my brothers and sisters. Some of my form 4 students too are slowly getting out of their shell, or comfort zone, or whatever you may call it.  

The thought of parting with the students sends shiver down my spine. I loath leaving someones who have been a part of me. These students are indeed a part of me now because they are my 1st and maybe my last students. I'm not going to be a teacher in the future, I have made my decision. It's just not my uber forte. Hence the nostalgic ambience that lingers around whenever I gaze upon the final week of the practicum.  

Thus, I'm just going to treasure rest of the available time I'm with them. 

This was taken during our buka puasa. They are some of my Form 6 students 

p.s. I'm leaving on a jet plane, errr not really but what the heck I'm leaving soon!

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