Saturday, October 27, 2012

[20] Shut your mind. Listen to me.

Once, not a long time ago, I experienced the most aching pain that nailed me to the ground. It seems a bit crass that this is perhaps the most aching pain yet it inflicts no physical hazard to its victim. It strikes at the core of the human body;



I am certain that most people experience that once or twice in their life. Or perhaps a couple of heartbreaks -depending on the capability of your brain and your ability to distinguish love related issues-  along the way of finding the purpose of one's life and most importantly the person you are destined to be with. 

Heartbreak's a bitch. It gives you a stinging heartache, the agonizing pain as if, as cliche as it sounds, your heart's been ripped off of you body. As if you receive multiple jabs to your heart and you can't help but to comply in a docile way as if you are drugged yet you can feel the agonizing pain. 

Heartbreak is subjective. 

And I shall leave you here to ponder on that. 

p.s. Different people, different heart, different story. 

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