Monday, January 9, 2012

Painted Dream I17I

I was bottled up with anger and devastation. The thought that you might actually toy with my heart kept bombarding my mind, trying to knock my conscious down.

I needed to avenge my feelings.
I needed to pay back for what you’ve done.
I needed to prove to you that you just couldn’t break my heart and get away with it easily.
I was determined and unwavering.
I just needed my revenge or I won’t be at ease.
This heart kept on racing, pounding frantically every time the thought of you decided to sojourn my mind.
For a closure, I just needed retribution.

I swore that I wasn’t going to be attached with you either emotionally or physically.

If it’s a fling game you wanted, worry not sayang, I’ll serve it to you cold and fresh.

I made a truce with myself that I was going to make you feel special and one of a kind. I was going to plant the belief that you had me on my knees, willing to sacrifice my life for you. I was going to make you belief that I was your slave for love because once you had those planted in your conscious mind; it would be easier to tear you apart.

I was going to serve you with the taste of your own game.

p.s. You shouldn’t have toyed with my feelings because they were all genuine.

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