Monday, May 9, 2011

Painted Dream l2l

You were no where to be seen during the workshop. I was one of the facilitators amongst my friends. It was devastating because frankly, I concocted the lines that I'd be going to utter to you and yes I rehearsed the night before, in front of the mirror, in the bathroom.


It's just not my luck I guess, oh well

and guess what? you were standing outside of the hall with your friends, as scared as mice, because you were late. I opened the door and greeted your friends instead of you just like an admirable gentleman. I did not greet you tho, deliberately of course, I wouldn't want to make it too obvious that I was crushing hard on you. 

You smirked
I was cool, calm and collected

I pretended to pay no heed to you but I constantly aided your friend tho. Hah it's a strategy, devised rather impromptu. You did not notice but I secretively glimpsed at you and was all smitten, bitten by a love bug. When it's time for group work and each of us, the facilitators, was assigned a group as mentors, I rushed to your group which was rather conspicuously written all over my face. 

Silly me,
nampak sangat.

p.s. Were did all the rehearsed lines disappear to?

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