Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Love and Lust]

It’s simple because this is not a rocket science.

What is love?

Love is the feeling when you care about someone and when you are willing to do anything to make him/her happy. Love is when you experience the uneasiness, like a family of butterflies keeps hovering in your tummy and you are adamant that when you poop, butterflies will fly gleefully from your arse. Love is when your knees suddenly fail to function properly whenever your love one emerges out of the blue. Love is when you touch your lover’s hands, you feel electrocuted. Love is when you make faces because he/she ignores you, even for a minute. Love is when you feel your other half’s presence just by shutting your eyes to sleep. Love is a feeling of admiration, a sense of togetherness, a craving to be belonged to somebody. Love is when you’d be smitten even by the littlest act done by your lover. Love is when you want to protect your love one from any danger. Love is the gallant feeling when you look at your lover’s face and how his/her smile just made your day. Love is when you are willing to stay up late at night just to make sure he/she is online. Love is the feeling of uncertainty of yourself, whether you are good or perfect enough for your other half. Love is seeing the imperfections of your lover and thought he/she couldn’t be any perfect. Love is when you see your lover’s message and you smile sheepishly to yourself. Love is when you want to impress your love one and you feel upset because you didn’t meet his/her expectation. Love is when you’re willing to be hurt rather than seeing your love one being hurt. Love is when you look at the sky and all you smile and you don’t have any idea why. Love is just love and the list goes on and on.

On the other hand, 

What is lust?

lust is just solely sex. You want to pounce on your partner aggressively you enjoy every bits of him/her whining and asking for more. Lust is when you meet someone and you’ll end up waking up on his/her bed the morning after. Lust is when your smile because your partner send you message saying I miss your cock or your pussy. Lust is just lust.

Sexual intercourse is just a bonus, a supplement, a spice in the relationship you’re having with your other half.

Remember when someone says he/she loves you, it doesn’t mean they want to have sex with you, It can mean otherwise but that would happen in some rare occasions but I bet currently speaking, it’s not considered being ‘rare’ anymore.

Losing virginity and proving that you have lost your purity is a trending topic nowadays, people are proud to be one. 

And when you are having sex with someone, it doesn’t mean he/or she loves you. They do, they just love the taste of your penis or your vagina or your arse. 

p.s. Just saying


  1. hey!that was my post on my blog about love!you should give me credit!

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