Monday, October 18, 2010


Life's been tremendously great for the past few weeks.
Been travelling a lot and enjoying myself to the limit. 

The first trip was Bagan Lalang and Sepang Gold Coast Golden Palm Trees . We went there solely for one mission. To fly kites and it was accomplished. Our kite (share it with Moja) was flying high with its gay-ish look. Seriously the colours are really upholding and promoting gay pride. 

Yes, it's THIS gay.

The second destination was Broga Hills. It was phenomenal. The hike to reach the 1st peak was about 1 hour.That was the 1st stop, don't get me started on the journey coming from Shah Alam. We started the trip at ungodly wee hour in the morning. The hike was inexplicably adventurous. The route to reach the 1st steep was so goddamn steep one of my friends had to halt and rest there because he was afraid of the height, also due to him wearing his Crocs which was very slippery. Put that misery aside, the vistas were breath-taking. The breeze was very chilly too you want to lay down on the lanky grass regardless of them being grass, which of course itchy! DUH. We did proceed to the 2nd peak but halted because my friends were exhausted. I was jumping and running in gusto like a dog, eh no no, more like a cute child. Here are some of the pictures, 

The 3rd trip was Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson. Some of my 'teachers' friends invited me to tag along.I saw opportunity of meeting my little vixen and yes I agreed, just to be enlightened that my little vixen wasn't joining.It was a bummer, a real huge bummer yet I comforted myself that I'll be having the grandest fun there. It turned out to be a really enjoyable one. We laughed until our tummy hurts and I got the chance to find some solace at the resort. Went to PD and built a huge sand castle, no scratch that, it's an enormous sand mansion. After that, we sang our lung out by the beach, it was aesthetic.The guys were crazy, yelling and singing tune-less songs. At the resort, we sat by the pool and enjoying the picturesque view of the crystal-clear but full-of-chlorine water. I slept on the couch under the shady coconut tree by the pool and pretended I was somewhere over the seas.It was a gallant moment. 

Oh next stop is Paramore bebeh! I'm still indecisive about colouring my hair red. Maybe I'll opt for a softer colour. Will post the pictures later.

p.s. Good times are when you're with family and friends doing things that you like 

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