Saturday, October 1, 2011

Painted Dream I12I

I brought you to McDonalds. I don’t know why but I have a thing with that fast food restaurant. Most of my first dates and usual dates would take place in McDonalds. It has never failed me in terms of impressing people as well as expressing myself. It’s a safe location; it falls in between cheap and extravagant. Just nice.  Although I wanted to make it different with you, we ended up in McDonalds eventually.

I had with me my laptop. I nearly finished the assignment, simply waiting for the final touch. We ordered and scouted for the perfect table. Alas, it wasn’t really a perfect table as we sat adjacent to another couple. Their eyes ushered us to our table, intrigued maybe by the presence you brought to the place. We talked like it was nobody’s business. We laughed like we owned the place. I realized two things that night that had shoved me closer in your life. Firstly, you certainly didn’t bother what others might think and perceive you. Secondly, you had the sexiest and most alluring laugh. It’s contagious.

I had found myself getting fonder of you.

We really had fun that night. I had so much more fun. We were very intimate. Our hands were at times intertwined unknowingly and whenever that happened, we would look at each other rather awkwardly and uncomfortably. I, without a doubt, relished every moment. Like a boy being handed a candy, my heart was zealously pounding in gusto.

You assisted me with my assignment. I didn’t care anymore about the assignment. I just wanted to plunge my time with you. When it was time to head back, it was the most painful decision I had to make. I wished the time would halt. I prayed it would stop. I felt heavy. The gravity seemed to be weighing more than usual. 

It was just dreadful watching you exited the car. 

p.s. why must it come to an end? 

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