Saturday, November 6, 2010

[My Dark Side]

I have built a strong and firm relationship with my dark side.
The evil me is whispering his sweet engaging promises that are very very inviting.

I have an eccentric wish-list.
Things that I want to achieve in my life.
These things are not just the uplifting, riveting and motivating wishes that I want to accomplish,
but the list also consists of audacious and unpredictable things that I want to do or try.

I'm afraid,
fear of the satisfactory feeling I dwell in after I have crossed some of the list.
It tasted ferociously good and like I mentioned earlier, very very very inviting and undeniably alluring.

I used to be a bad boy during my darkest era but right now, what I'm having is way darker than my darkest era.

p.s. Unpredictable sometimes can be predicted. 

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